Low, Medium and High Voltage Testing, Maintenance and Repair

ESM serves industrial, commercial, institutional and utility applications, specializing in testing, repair and preventative maintenance of low, medium and high voltage electrical distribution systems. We've earned an envied reputation for providing reliable, cost-effective expertise.

Established in 1996, ESM has consistently offered services to ensure electrical equipment reliability. We can service all of your equipment during one shutdown, or work on a rotational schedule. The health and performance of your assets determines your success. ESM's unique approach to Asset Optimization can help ensure you reach your business goals.

For customers who need the peace of mind that having expertise on call 24/7 can bring

We understand that seconds of downtime can mean millions in lost revenue.

The only way to combat natural aging of equipment and still respect your bottom line is to provide correct maintenance, which allows for prevention of faults in the electrical apparatus and components installed.


  • Complete technical spectrum: from 100V to 138kV high voltage installations
  • In-depth knowledge of high-voltage diagnostics with our own mobile meaurement equipment
  • Complete life-cycle: from engineering, execution, service and maintenance, right through to decommissioning
  • Equipment maintained in line with client requirements.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, working closely with our clients to ensure they achieve the most relevant maintenance support.